December 2022

SecretFire token Created/ SecretFire gold token created /Artifact of SecretFire ( Artifact unique) Created/Moving npc cash

January Patches 2022

- Christmas event removed

- New design for costumes npcs, and some others edited too

- Wings lvl 200 added (quest available once at Lorraine)

Thank you

For our new map goes a special thanks to RedSam and Bruce <3

December patches 2021

- Activated christmas event

- Added snowflakes on mobs

- Added 4 christmas wings cover in token exchanger npc

- Added x-mas token to play lacaball

- Added discord event : christmas-wish-event

- Updated website with Christmas

- Added new cap lvl : 200

- Added new map : Extreme Dratan

- Added 4 bosses in new map

- Added armor token on new map mobs

- Added new accs : drop on new bosses

- Added new affinity : City of Bones

November Patches 2021

- Halloween Event removed /!\ Halloween tokens and tickets still available in lacaball for one week, will be removed after.

Welcome back event

If you are a player who was inactive and came back the 1/11/2021 (or after), please PM one admin with your in-game name and we will check, if this is true you will get the welcome back package :) Also, we want to reward our active community, so PM one admin with your in-game name to get a reward. (we will check if you are active too) We know we have low online players but we don't give up and we are actually working on something ;) SecretFire Staff Team

Welcome friends event <3

Invite friends and message an admin for the reward ! Your friends joined will get something to enjoy :) <3


Welcome to SecretFire Lastchaos

October Patches 2021

-New NPC 'Lady Zarefa' with New Halloween Quests
-New Halloween covers
-New Halloween Pet
-Activate Halloween Event
-New Halloween covers
-New Halloween Bosses (ask for them they are spooky)
-Pumpkin rewards will be changed tomorrow and some more Halloween things coming soon
- Pumpkin rewards changed
- New Halloween Wings (Token exchanger : U need the Halloween Ticket for it)

September Patches 2021

Daily Login
-Alber Chanel 1,3 and 4
-Friendlist max 200
-Bikes added
-7 days potion fixed
-Ox autorewards changed
-auto laca moonstone added
-auto armor 157-165 auto invent added
-jumppotion 165 added
-Belfist changed
-Cube Raid changed
-phoenix ticket changed to be able make phoenix any level
-NS start items changed
-Bikes added to Cashshop
-Cover added to cashshop
-Party recall added to cashshop
-165 jumppotion added to cashshop
-100 Anti added
-Disabled chaos malachite and chaos aragonite
-Changed drops in Cube Dungeon
-Many new questlines and quests

August Patches 2021

-Daily Login Fixed
-Armor mage Dark and Light fixed
-Wingtoken plus box fixed
-Added a New Npc (he wil get a shop soon
-New WordlBoss (Bloodimir)
-fix the kailooks and Dillamon shields
-new lorrain design ( Shake ya booty )

July Patches 2021

-cover wings (make not sockable)
-mage dark shirt invisible fixed
-Dilla Duals invisible fixed
-Wing Fragment added
-Seals on Scool-Matsuri-Samurai Costume
-Dillamoon+Kaillooks seals
-2 new Worldbosses (Tarian, Mondshine)
-Scool-Matsuri-Samurai Costume

June Patches 2021

-Weakly Quests
-New Title
-Backpack Quest change to NPC
-phoenix helm c2
-Back to Juno Scroll now CashNPC
-HP from fantasty linch changed
and some little other fixes and changes
-Quest change to Daily
-PVP Daily Quest
-Seals of Wings (Pinky/Devil/Angel) fixed
-New Jewel Boxes
-Duals Dila and Light armor not more invisible
-Title fixed
-HP from Lich fixed finally
-Alber RvR Fixed
-Crafting Armor seals changed
-HolyWater now Deleteable

Mai Patches 2021

-light&dark Wings change
-guild skill book added
-dungeon teleporter added
-some changes fantasy canyon
-lion fixed
-mutli fixed (work now via Launcher)
-arte teleport stuck fixed (u only stuck if u port to personal dungeon)
-ch4 buff while siege should be enabled
-droprate adjust
-igni increased
-added pets ( leo and jaguar)
#guildbugg fixed
#cast fixed
#guildbugg fixed
#cast fixed
-add Jewel bosses
-add Wings (Quest and coverNpc)
-shadow removal powder (cash npc)
-trivia Valley added to dungeon Teleporter
-spirit armor and weap tradable + Storable
-Lovy Pink cat cover
-reduce Spawntime from Element bosses
-add quest for crafting materials
-lowered the hp from mobs fantasy canyon
-add new pets